Damn. And here I thought I had it bad because i had to silently stew in my hatred for mouthbreathers whenever they talked about how anyone with mexican blood is no smarter than someone with mental retardation. I can't imagine having to try and politely sit through the most epic of mouthbreathers telling me straight up… » 9/30/14 2:30am Today 2:30am

Are you in a fiesta ST? because this move basically guarantees the FiSTs a class win. THey were close to begin with and had there been an exception to let them run 225/235/245 width tires, they'd easily be just as competitive as the FoSTs and GTIs. Moving them into HS is basically saying "You know how you all are in… » 9/30/14 12:24am Today 12:24am

It actually handles really well with just mouse/keyboard. I used to be way into MW 2, 3,and 4, with 4:Mercenaries still being one of my favorite games of all time. Hawken is decidedly combat based so if you like a brisk speed of combat, check it out. » 9/29/14 11:56pm Yesterday 11:56pm

I have a solution to all your problems - sell it to me. The Audi is currently about to find a very nice, loving home with any number of collectors/restorers who have been coming out so I will have an empty spot in my parking area soon. » 9/28/14 8:45pm Sunday 8:45pm

ZZP tuned 3800 boats like the bonneville SSEI and park avenue ultra. This bonneville runs low 12s/ high 11s. Seats 5 in mid level comfort. Cruises the highways of ohio to get the owner to work every day. Probably eats puppies and children while sitting in the parking lot..... » 9/28/14 5:12pm Sunday 5:12pm

When I was reviving the land yacht riviera, I needed a new fuel pump. So I go to O'smelleys to get the pump they have in stock for the supercharged 3800 motor riviera. It burns out in a week. I go back to return it. They yell at me for using the incorrect part........turns out they sold me the one for a naturally… » 9/27/14 11:19pm Saturday 11:19pm