I GOT THE BIKE HOME!!!!!! (with difficulty)

Okay first things first, what the honest hell is the nighthawk 650 made of? It weighs more than one of the moons of Mars yet wets the panties of every girl from here to coney island. Seriously, every human being who identifies somewhat on the feminine side of gender that I know has been talking to me tonight and wants… » 1/31/15 1:45am Today 1:45am

Nintendo's youtube policy is ridiculous and sets a bad precedent

For the uninformed/uninterested, nintendo recently released a new policy for people who wish to monetize videos that feature the use of nintendo gameplay or game footage, advertisements, or any other artistic assets relating to their properties (including ads and trailers). Naturally, the people who make "Let's play"… » 1/30/15 1:40pm Yesterday 1:40pm

This week on Jalopnik Nights - PG has to go back in the Virginia prison system to get in contact with MLB outfielder Jayson "GT3" Werth. Werth holds the key to busting a chop shop ring, and Orlove's bug is next on the hit list. Will PG get the info before time runs out? Will Orlove put the bug on its roof before… » 1/29/15 10:10pm Thursday 10:10pm

When I did pinewood derby my favorite cars were my "Jaguar limousine" which did resemble and XJ stretched out, and a ferrari F40. My Ferrari F40 ended up getting like 2nd or 3rd and I did the wood cutting myself for the shape of the car and the spoiler. » 1/29/15 8:48pm Thursday 8:48pm

Favorite Mclaren failure right here. Raikonnen was LIVID when the car came to a stop. He got fined pretty hard for throwing his wheel to the ground after getting out and stomping away. What I wold give to hear the radio logs of that moment. » 1/29/15 9:36am Thursday 9:36am

Gonna go with a specific recall in the case of the toyota recalls a few years back - the floor mats. Why? Because the recalls included cars that never had one installed in the first place. So some people took in their car with no floor mats, got floor mats, and then those new floor mats were fastened to the carpets so… » 1/28/15 11:35am Wednesday 11:35am

I'm kinda on the fence here. On the one hand, it is awfully clean and is one of the rare times where the mods add value for a certain buyer. BUT those unresolved ABS and CEL issues tell me things didn't go perfectly. and 80s-90s lincoln air suspension always has issues. Tentative NP if you know a thing or two about… » 1/28/15 8:09am Wednesday 8:09am